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Monday, December 20, 2010

Addendum to: A Message From Mom

After reading our blog, neighbor to Christina Gourley, and long-time Dallas Projects Unlimited customer has the below to add:

After seeing Christina's post, I wanted to add a comment. I am her next door neighbor in Blanco, TX. Dallas Projects helped me in a similar manner, but with a different twist.

I've always kept a ton of plants on my porch, and most are way to heavy to move. So instead, every winter, my husband & I would purchase thick plastic, and "wrap" our porch, being careful to create an area to pull back in order to enter through the kitchen door.

Trey built cedar frames to match our home's trim and added a special method of easily attaching them between the porch posts. My husband and I put them up just before the first frost, and take them down in the spring. He set up a way to add a door where we previously pulled back plastic to enter. It is absolutely PERFECT for us, especially since our back yard is still available for our 5-year old son to run and play on his trampoline and our two dogs to get out and get some fresh air. Thank you again Trey - every time the weather turns, we are thrilled all over again!
- Courtney C.

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