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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy New Year!

Another holiday season has come and gone again. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy (almost) New Year to you all. As we are approaching the New Year, I am reminded once again of how far we've come in this past year...

The dream of making Dallas Projects Unlimited my full time passion was realized this past year when in February we made the big leap from "on the side" to full time! This was a nerve racking, emotional, exciting and challenging time. And thanks to all of you for the numerous referrals, recommendations, and personal home projects, it's been a productive and rewarding year.

We also made a the necessary investment in a website, and we couldn't be more proud of dallasprojectsunlimited.com! Hiring Jamie and the team at Synergy Buzz was an incredibly smart choice. They've done an amazing job at designing, building, tweaking, and more tweaking to get the site just right to what we envisioned. And the end result is something we are thrilled to called our own. And as if that wasn't enough, we enlisted Synergy Buzz to also develop the Dallas Projects Unlimited logo - and again were blown away with the result. We think you like it too!

This past year we also engaged in one of the fastest growing social network forms of sales... the "daily deal". In November, we were featured on mamapedia.com as their daily sweet deal, and the results were great! We've met numerous wonderful new clients, and have had the pleasure of doing all sorts of fun projects for an audience we'd never have reached without the people at mamapedia. Thanks to all of them for this great opportunity - and be on the lookout for a future sweet deal with Dallas Projects Unlimited!

Most recently, we've explored another unique form of advertising, and have created a special ad in the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas' Centennial Gala 100th anniversary commemorative book. This was a very cool opportunity to we had to be a part of something we feel so connected to. The Federation is an incredibly worthy cause, offering support and care to Jews all over the world, and particularly to the Dallas area. We're so proud to be supporting this noble organization, and reaching another wonderful audience of potential DPU customers!

Finally, we're busy working on several projects for many of you; and we are so proud to have so many customers who are eager to put their name on ours... Our greatest achievement at Dallas Projects Unlimited is in providing a service of outstanding quality that makes you want to call us back, and tell all your friends about us!

Best Wishes for a happy, healthy, home improvement filled New Year!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Addendum to: A Message From Mom

After reading our blog, neighbor to Christina Gourley, and long-time Dallas Projects Unlimited customer has the below to add:

After seeing Christina's post, I wanted to add a comment. I am her next door neighbor in Blanco, TX. Dallas Projects helped me in a similar manner, but with a different twist.

I've always kept a ton of plants on my porch, and most are way to heavy to move. So instead, every winter, my husband & I would purchase thick plastic, and "wrap" our porch, being careful to create an area to pull back in order to enter through the kitchen door.

Trey built cedar frames to match our home's trim and added a special method of easily attaching them between the porch posts. My husband and I put them up just before the first frost, and take them down in the spring. He set up a way to add a door where we previously pulled back plastic to enter. It is absolutely PERFECT for us, especially since our back yard is still available for our 5-year old son to run and play on his trampoline and our two dogs to get out and get some fresh air. Thank you again Trey - every time the weather turns, we are thrilled all over again!
- Courtney C.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tomorrow is a new day

It's been a little while since we've updated, and since then we have been really busy! Tomorrow starts one of our biggest projects undertaken as we begin the #$%*(& family remodel. We'll be starting in the master bathroom and working our way out into the master bedroom, and eventually the kitchen. This is an especially exciting project for me, as I'll be serving as both the general contractor, and have a hand in much of the detail work. This project is enabling me to utilize many products and techniques I've been admiring for a while (an infinity drain in the shower, for one - http://infinitydrain.com/), as well as allowing some of my creativity to flourish as we take the master bathroom down to the studs and rebuild! It's a very exciting project, and I can't wait to post pictures!

Until our next post - wishing you are your families a happy, healthy new year!

- Trey